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As a citizen of the world with deep concern about hunger and food security, and about the impacts of the industrial food system on health, climate, natural resources, poverty and geopolitical stability, I request that the American government take the lead among the United Nations Member States, and commit to act on the following requests: 

  1. phasing out the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics and growth hormones in animal farms by 2017.
  2. prohibiting animal by-products in feed for food-production animals by June 2015.
  3. eliminating 100 percent of perverse agricultural subsidies to industrial agriculture by 2022.
  4. supporting and protecting small and family farmers, and respecting the freedom of local communities to produce, process, distribute, sell and consume the foods of their choice as they see fit, while protecting them from corporations and other organizations, or initiatives and projects, that exploit their resources (land, water, biodiversity and other natural resources, labor), and threaten their livelihoods.
  5. enabling the conversion of 50 percent of total U.S. farmland to agroecology by 2022, and 100 percent by 2050, so that agriculture can feed the world while preserving nature.

I further request that the United States make a strong official commitment to support agreocology as a viable pathway to a just food system at the Earth Summit 2012, and spearhead the endorsement of these policy goals by the United Nations Member States.